Technology Platform


The VaxInnate Concept

The novel approach championed by VaxInnate draws upon breakthroughs in our knowledge of the way the immune system works while taking advantage of efficient manufacturing technology. By leveraging the two primary arms of immune defense, referred to as “innate” and “adaptive” responses, VaxInnate’s proprietary Toll-like Receptor (TLR) technology leads to robust immune responses against antigens at low doses. Because the vaccines are efficiently produced in bacteria, they can be developed and manufactured at a large scale within a short period of time.

VaxInnate’s vaccine candidates have been tested in the clinic demonstrating that our recombinant, soluble proteins elicit antibodies that neutralize virus and are well tolerated as a vaccine in both young adults and the elderly. Potency in elderly populations is especially important since this population is at greatest risk for disease and generally do not respond well to standard licensed vaccines on the market.